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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Random Update

Well, I'm starting to feel a little more settled today. Finally went grocery shopping, and the following things are weird/different about UK stores:
- they sell booze (weird, but wonderful);
- eggs are not refridgerated;
- loaves of bread are available in small, medium and large;

Okay, that's about all I noticed. But it took me about an hour to buy a small amount of food, as I spent most the time wandering around, lost and confused.

I still don't have dishes or cutlery, but will get that soon. I hope.

My flatmates are all pretty cool--one from Toronto, two from India (I think), one from Peru, one from Scotland, and one from China--and my room isn't bad. Nicer than living over a barn (but sadly, no horses.)

Had my first meeting with my class today. It's going to be a tough course, which is good--I was worried it might not be. My classmates all seem nice enough, tho I think have much more experience than many of them, or at least the ones I spoke with after our meeting.

I always worry about stuff like this, as I feel like I know nothing about journalism, and think I'm going to be exposed as an ignorant fraud. I pretty well always feel like that, I don't know if it's a lack of confidence or what, but whether it's school, or work (even at the track), I feel like I never know enough and am too far behind to catch up. While stressful, it's a good motivator to work hard, as I hate looking stupid, but it would be nice to feel more in control. Anyways...

Ah, what else... I'm the only one in the course without my own computer, and have been told I definitely need a cell phone, and should probably get a this might get even more expensive. The course director (or whatever she's called) said she might be able to get a castoff Mac for me, as the department just upgraded (and let me tell you, a room full of brand new macs is a beautiful sight--it even smells good!).

Haven't seen much of London yet, but am hoping to get out this weekend. I swear I'll take some photos soon, too.

Oh, and one more thing: I want comments. Is anyone actually reading this thing, or am I talking to myself, again?



Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Nicole,
I decided that I would post you a comment so you would know that your are not writing on here for nothing. That is really weird that there eggs are not put in the fridge. How long do they stay good for? be careful you may get ill.
You better get some photos up here soon!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you want comments in addition to e-mails. Demanding much?



Blogger Nicole said...

Michelle: No, apparently fridges keep them fresh longer, but they'll stay good if left out. As some random british lady said to my flatmate Anne, "They're warm when they come out, aren't they?"

Natalie: Yes, I'm demanding. Deal with it. I'm also homesick and very, very far away--and I have to deal with that, so you can deal with entertaining me.

Well... atleast I know a few people read this... Good enough for me.



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