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Monday, August 21, 2006

Good Works.

Two to speak of...

First: If you find yourself in Edmonton right now, go to the Fringe fest. Specifically, go see the production of Finer Noble Gases -- not just because the Edmonton Journal gave it five stars, but because Daorcey's little brother Arone directed and stars in it. And then when he's a hella famous, critically-acclaimed theatre superstar -- which should be sometime next year -- you can say you saw him back in the day...

Second: Photographer/wanderer/tour guide/do-gooder/long-haired-freak Mike Leung is raising money for a VSO volunteering stint. You can (and should) support him and his do-gooder ambitions by buying a print or a pack of postcards from his collection of gorgeous travel photos for $25 Canadian (11ish pounds) from his website.


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