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Friday, June 02, 2006

Die Deutschland Fotos!

And, finally, weeks later, here are the pics from Germany. We flew into Cologne, and went straight to Bielefeld, the town my mom was born in and hasn't been back to in 27 years -- the only other time she's visit since leaving as a seven-year-old.

We saw where she lived, where her dad drank, and the town's tourist attraction. Then, Cologne, which has a cathedral. And then a drive down the Rhine. Well, next to it. Cause it's a river.

Here are the pics. Mine are up and commented here, but something went wrong with Mom's and Michelle's during uploading, so they'll be added later.

Warning, Frogs?

Castle on the Hill

The pub Papa used to drink in!

My Mom's old house!

My scary father!

Garbage/art in front of Cologne Cathedral

My dad's car advertisement...

The Cologne Beer museum... with Moosehead?

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