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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Between Victoria and Albert Museum and Hyde Park is Harrods, one of the more famous department stores in the world, not least because it is owned (was owned?) by the Al Fayeds (sp?), as in the late Princess Di's also late boyfriend. (There're a lot of references to them in the area, possibly because of Harrods?)

Anyways, simply put: Harrods makes Holt Renfrew look like Walmart.

They have window after window of fantastic displays--and that's just the outside. Inside this huge building are more designer things--bags, clothes, perfume, cheese--than in all of Canada, I'm sure. It's floor after floor of ridiculously priced designer stuff--Gucci, Armani, whatever... it's all there.

The theme for most of the decor--as yes, there is a theme--is Egyptian. The escalators are even decorated--oh, this so isn't even capturing it--to look like they would have if the pyramids had them. It's like a theme park, or a Las Vegas hotel. And, naturally, stupidly expensive. I didn't buy a thing, but I had a lot of fun looking.


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