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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fotos phrom Phrance

As noted previously, between the three digicams we had on our travels, my parents, Michelle and I managed to take roughly 1,600 photos (not counting all the ones my mom took after Michelle left, as I forgot to get those ones.)

This is obviously completely ridiculous. I'd write a rant about how stupid it is to spend a whole vacation snapping away, looking at everything thru the viewfinder without actually seeing anything, rather than just being in a place, but hell, pictures are fun.

And, as my mom noted, while looking at pics from the DarNat & Ann trip last year, photos make for awesome souvenirs, much better than the pricey crap in the shops.

Still, a billionty and a half photos makes for a lot of editing and captioning. And, on your part, viewing.

So here's the first set, from France. I've only captioned mine, but pics from Michelle's and my Mom and Dad's cams are also posted.

But here are some of the best...

Us, in Montmatre (pic by my mom)

Michelle and I in Metz (pic by my mom)

Michelle under the Eiffel Tower (pic by me)

Michelle in the Louvre...
Because artworks are just props for our photos!
(pic by me)

Metz (pic by me)

Michelle, Eiffel Tower (pic by me)

Why I love Paris
That vending machine dispenses books...
(pic by Michelle)

Ooh, scary (pic by me)

If that's not enough, more here. Sorry for the slow loading time this is sure to cause... More pics from England and Germany to come...

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