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Friday, April 28, 2006

From Judi to Jack

After communing with animatronic dinosaurs and stuffed blue whales, my parents and sister met up with me on Haymarket, to see a play called Hay Fever with Judi Dench -- and by that I mean she was in the play.

Obviously, it was very good. You really can't go wrong with Dame Judi in a comedy of manners, playing a retired actress who obviously misses the stage too much. Seeing great actresses pretending they suck is awesome.

We then tubed over to the Tower of London. We didn't have much time, so didn't bother paying the $497 entrance fee, but instead walked around the outside taking photos. Free tip for homeless people and other hungry individuals: The Paul shop (little "French" cafe thing) at Tower gives away their leftovers at the end of the day, about six pm... mmm... free pastries.

After fully photographing the Tower, we headed back to the tube station for a Jack the Ripper walking tour. I've already done this once before, but some different material was covered. In fact, our tour guide, Judith from Toronto, knew waaaay too much, if such a thing was possible.

She had a tendency to get off topic, and ramble, which was fine at first, but as we stood a block from Brick Lane -- land of a thousand curry restaurants -- hungry and tired, with her jumping from thought to unconnected thought... well, we couldn't resist the urge to ditch and go eat curry.

And there really isn't a better way to end a very long day than with a chicken korma and a Kingfisher...


Blogger Daorcey Le Bray said...

Oh man... I am SO hungry.


Blogger Nicole said...

Thinking of Judi Dench and slaughtered prostitutes makes you hungry? You sick, sick bastard...



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