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Sunday, January 21, 2007


It was windy in London last week. Took out some trees in the park by my house:

Or click here. And yes, my camera is still busted.

In other news, started the new job last week. I've written a couple stories so far, but have noticed two annoying Gauntlet throwbacks.

First -- and I blame this on my time as features editor at the G -- I'm not capable of writing short, 300-word news stories. My articles (and blog post) have so far all turned out twice as long as my editor asked them to be. Whoops. Gotta work on that.

And second, they needed a photo of me and my security pic hasn't been uploaded yet, so my editor just did a google image search of me. Only one photo comes up on that, and I HATE it. It's from a long time ago in my early years at the Gauntlet, and has followed me ever since... stupid internet.



Blogger Nat said...

Someone Daorcey knew through work did a Google image search for him. She found the infamous gun image and remarked "You look a little different when not holding a gun."

I think you can see the image here.

Coincidentally, it was in the issue where Nicole wrote a (long) feature.


Blogger gary said...

Maybe you should have had your portait update. There were some pretty talented folks hanging around up there.


Blogger Nicole said...

Oh, there were better photos taken of me. For some reason, this is the one that turns up online.


Blogger Nicole said...

The new photo is now up. It's alright. I hate having my picture taken (no matter how talented the photog is, Gary!) so just went with whatever the dude said.

Interestingly, the new place of work has already overtaken the Gauntlet on Google -- the first time that's happened.



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