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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Evian, uh, France

My last day in Geneva, we couldn't decide what to do. I wanted to go to CERN, but you need to book a month ahead (which I will totally do next time). So we were walking back and forth, checking the in'ernet, and eventually picked some Genevan suburb.

At this point, Val called. Kris explained to her where we were going, and her response was: "No, no no -- there's nothing there. We'll go to Evian. I'll drive. Meet me in five minutes." (A prime example of the "shiny things" way of life which Kris is spreading across Europe...)

Val and Kris... In France

So. We went to Evian.

It's about an hour and a half from Geneva, also along Lac Leman. While driving along the road, we passed something that looked like a border crossing, but disused. Huh. Weird.

A few moments later, we drove past a school with Liberté, Egalité, et Fraternité written across the front. Weird, eh, to have the slogan for the French revolution on a Swiss school? Crazy.

We keep driving. Eventually, we arrive in Evian. There are French flags in the air, yet we still think we're in Switzerland.

I go to take money out of the bank, and it totally inexplicably gives me euros. I walk back to Kris and Val, and this conversation occurs:

Me: That bank machine gave me euros.
Kris: Did you ask for euros?
Me: No... are we in France?

Only then -- after all the evidence -- do we realize: we're in France. Evian -- with the very patriotic red, white and blue label -- is French bottled water. (Whoever heard of Swiss water?)


In our defense, Geneva is a French-speaking city. And it's not like anyone checked our passports or anything (thankfully). So we hung out, eating ice cream and drinking bottle water -- as I had euros to spend, and hey, when in Rome... -- for twenty minutes before heading back so I could catch my flight back to London.

Am I a jetsetter or what? Switzerland, France, England -- all in one day...

Les images d'Evian sont ici.

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