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Friday, July 22, 2005

Yet again, more crap.

More weird shit happening today. There was an incident at vauxhall tube station this morning, not sure if it was an explosion or what, and one of my friends was on one of the tube trains that were evacuated:

The tube I was on got evacuated at Vauxhall about 9.20 and everyone ran out of the station. We had to go past an abandoned suitcase on our way to the escalators, which TFL had for some reason shut down. People said there was smoke and smell and that.

Cops also shot dead a guy at Stockwell station, which is on the same line as Vauxhall, only a few stops before. Oddly, it's also the station my friend gets on at, so I guess they're out to get him today, or something. (There's a rather frightening account of that at the BBC site.)And now there's some seige, or something, going on at a mosque in east london.

It's weird. I think people are more scared now (or, at least I am) than after the first attacks, even tho those killed so many people. I think we all just figured it'd be a one-off like 911.

It also doesn't help having one of my few close friends here involved. Three million people take the tube a day, but it's taken only three days of incidents for someone I know to be affected. Thankfully, and again, knock wood, he only had to be evacuated (which, I admit, is a weird phrase) from the train.

The tube lines I take all the time still haven't been hit (again, knock some wood!) which makes me wonder if it's just that one line (East London) no one seems to know exists and the other (Jubilee) is new, and likely full of shiny new security measures... or if it's just a matter of time. So, I'll be taking the overland trains home today, thanks.


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