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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Meet the Flatmates

We had an early Christmas party at the new flat. There was lots of food... lots of booze... and lots of shitty crackers (the "exploding" kind, not the nice-with-cheese kind). But more importantly, I took photos, so now you can meet the flatmates.

I apologize to them in advance for the not-at-all-flattering nature of these pictures. My crazy flash makes people ugly.

Emma and Marton: Emma has lived in the house for a few years and is a physical therapist-type person from Australia. Marton is a PhD student in law from Hungary. He moved into the room next to mine that the noise-hating German used to live in.

Hannah (on the left, acting crazy, and her non-flatmate friend Ciara): Hannah is from Manchester and lives in the garage. Seriously. It's been converted in a fairly large bedroom, however. She's a structural engineer, which means she goes around to trade shows and makes sure nothing falls over.

Preth (and boyfriend Nick): Preth also just moved in, and lives upstairs with Marton and I. She works in an anti-racism government group, while Nick studies greenhouse gas shiznit for some thinktank. I hope their good karma rubs off on me...

More pictures here.


Anonymous tony said...

Ummm... is it just me or are Nick and Marton really the same person. Were they in the room at the same time? I'd investigate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were in the room at the same time... But maybe they're long lost twins. Seperated at birth, and one (Marton) was raised in Hungary, while the other (Nick) in England. And now they've been reunited. Sounds like a sitcom script to me...



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