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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hyde Park

After the V&A Museum and Harrods (see below), and before heading back to school for my law class, I wandered thru Hyde Park. Attached, like a siamese twin, to Kensington Gardens on the east (also see below) Hyde Park is seperated by a road on the west to Green Park (and Buckingham Palace) and St James's Park, so there's quite a green belt in this area, which probably partly explains the high housing prices.

I only really toured the south and east side, as I didn't have much time, and to be honest, was trying to figure out where the stables were, as there are riding paths in the park, and I kept seeing horses. Yes, this immensly excited me. As I've mentioned before, I'm experiencing massive horse withdrawal; this is the longest I've gone without being around horses in over a decade, only worsened by my being surrounded by them for the eight months before coming here. Anyways, the horse paths are wide and have soft footing, and while most riders were going at a walk, I would probably have to fight the urge to go at a full gallop, 'cause that's what I was thinking about from the ground. The paths are built like a track; it'd be so much fun to go full out, but I'd probably get arrested. And, probably kill myself.

Anyways, I didn't go riding, because it apparently costs about £30... I'm sure I'll give in eventually, but I'm heading home so soon that I figured I should try to hold out.

Hmmm. Now back to the park.

Hyde Park is nice and open, but not as quiet and serene as Greenwich. The busy road next to it doesn't help, nor did the helicopter hovering overhead. It's also located in a business district, so office workers invade it at lunch, for a walk, a smoke, to eat or to jog.

There is a nice lake--manmade, but pretty--so there are some nice views. There's also a rose garden and the usual random statuary and fountains.

Hyde Park also features--tho I'm not sure why--the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which is a not at all like any fountain I've ever seen. It involves stone and water, but that's about the only similarities. It's a large round structure, with water running, creek-like, thru it. Even the photos I took don't really show what it's like. It's supposed to represent, among other things, Di's openness. It's quite a neat spot, I must admit, and so different--like she was, I suppose--from the statues and monuments to other dead royalty.

On the other side of the lake are more walking and riding paths. I found out there that the stables aren't located in Hyde Park, but near by, so I didn't bother to make the trek. Kinda wished I did, as I was beginning to really feel like an addict in need of a fix, seeing all these little ponies go by.

But, then I ran out of time, so I didn't see the Peter Pan statue (which is technically in Kensington Gardens) and didn't get to pet any horses, and had to catch the tube back to New Cross for law class... none of which made me very happy. But it was a good day, all in all.

For some Hyde Park photos:


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