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Monday, May 15, 2006

Continuity update

I've been posting travel tidbits a bit at random, so here's a wee timeline to remove you from your state of discombobulation, if you are indeed in one. And yes, that's not a real word.

We went to Europe last week, flying into Cologne, driving to Bielefeld that day, and returning to Cologne to spend the night and the next day. From there, we drove thru Germany along the Rhine, and stayed in Metz, France. The next morning, we made the last bit of the trip to Paris, where we remained for three days, before driving thru Luxembourg on the way back to Cologne to catch the return trip.

(Rather than blog all that shiznit, I'm just gonna post the thousand and a half photos -- I do not jest -- with some anecdotal goodness. Okay, I'll edit them down -- the photos, not the stories -- so there's only a few hundred to look at... ha ha ha.)

Michelle left for home on Monday, leaving me with my parents (insert joke, condolences here). While I've been working, they've gone to Windsor (where they toured the castle and did laundry), gone to Salisbury and Stonehenge, met up with me for comedy in Little Venice, and yesterday went to Brighton, where they golfed. How horrible.

Friday we wandered Covent Garden and went to a surprisingly good one-act theatre festival near Kings Cross. I've walked past that theatre dozens of times, and never noticed it was there...

We spent Saturday wandering the East End and Greenwich, and then I abandoned them in the Tate Modern, which they found amusing. Not my abandoment of them, no. They found the museum amusing. My mom said she was laughed at multiple pieces of "art". Hey, at least she enjoyed it. Sunday, we shopped in a suburban mall before going to a film. Yes, very touristy, that.

Which brings us to today. My parents are still here, until Saturday. So now you're all caught up. Or something.


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