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Monday, April 25, 2005

Elbow Room/Bronze

Here's a few pics from my classmate Nos' birthday on Saturday. We went to a pool hall/dance bar in an area called Angel. Weirdly, the place looked like the Bronze, from Buffy. I wasn't even the first person to say so, so don't think I'm projecting.

The place, by the way, was called Elbow Room. Not a bad place, but not worth the 5£ cover, 9£ to play pool (or "snooker" as Nos kept calling it), or the hour and half journey home by night bus. (Then again, I should be happy whenever I get to leave New Cross, right?)

Anyways, pics are here:


Blogger Nat said...

Elbow Room, eh? I take it there were no old computers and desperate students pounding out essays. Sorta off-topic, but I didn't know the Elbow Room at U of C had toilets right in the room. Very handy.


Blogger Nicole said...

There were toilets in the Elbow Room? No way. I never noticed that. Not that I was ever in there much, but dude, that's cool.


Blogger Nat said...

They're right by the printers and stuff. You know how that stone wall juts out into the middle of the room, that's where they are. And the doors are set so far back into the wall, you don't notice the male and female signs. I only noticed it when someone left the bathroom.



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