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Sunday, April 24, 2005


For the past week, my grandparents have been here visiting (after a trip to Portugal). So for the past week I've been well entertained and even better fed.

The first day, we met up at the Dorchester Hotel (which I couldn't find, at all) and then headed to lunch. They after took the long bus journey to New Cross to see where I live... I don't mind where I live, but seeing it after being at a posh, pretty hotel along a beautiful park--well, let's just say such a juxtaposition would be a tough comparison for any place, let alone New Cross.

During the week went to see Blithe Spirit at the Savoy Theatre along the strand... Had it's moments, but not great, which is probably why the theatre was mostly empty. West End theatres are rarely empty, even on a Monday...

We had better luck with a show called Losing Louis which was brilliantly funny, combining edgy, fresh humour with fifties comic sensibilities-in other words, much laughing, had by all. And this theatre wasn't empty; every seat was filled. We had wicked-awesome seats in what was essentially the front row. The way this theater, Trafalgar Studios, was set up, that meant we were pretty well sitting on the stage. Very cool.

And, even cooler, one of the main actresses was Alison Steadman, the very same lady who played Mrs Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. She had a very different character, but was equally as hilarious.

We also took a trip to Windsor, to visit the Queen (before my engagement with her in May...). I didn't realize this, but Eton and Winsor are basically the same place, just on either sides of the river (like Ottawa-Gatineau). Anyways, Windsor Castle is (unsurprisngly and fittingly) very splendid. Photos are here:

We had dinner in a nearby town at a lovely restaurant, and took a drive to Ascot racecourse, which is sadly under major reconstruction, so there wasn't much to see. Still, exciting, thanks to Grandpa's driving... Talk about the Fast and the Furious. He was going fast, and it was making grandma furious...

On their last day here, we went to the London Eye (among other things). London's central areas don't see a lot of new buildings or new sights--people come here for old stuff, right?--but the London Eye, or Millenium Wheel is new since my grandparents were last here. It's massive and really dominates the skyline. Like everything in London, locals either love it or hate it-I think it's pretty cool.

So we went up in one of the pods, as they're called. I like to call them Eye-pods. But that's because I think I'm funny. It's roughly 135 meters (for comparisons sake, the eiffel tower is much taller at 324 meters, though the highest people go is about 273m--isn't google fun?). Still, Nat would have peed herself, especially when we got to the top of the circle, and the pod wobbled... But gorgeous views. It's interesting to consider how different London and Paris are from each other, and even how different the view to London's east is compared to the west... Pictures are here: There're, uh, a few.

Other than all that, we shopped (a lot), wandered around, and ate (very well, I might add). Amazingly, the weather for the week they were here was fabulous... warm(ish) and sunny. The day they left, it rained, and has been shitty ever since. My grandfather takes full credit for that...


Aside: This camera rocks. The flash is waaaay too bright tho, and can only be used at a distance of several feet, otherwise it totally washes out faces... But I have figured out how to turn the sound effects off! And the battery goes forever. I haven't had to charge it yet....


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