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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Update from Belfast

I'm currently in Kristian (and Allison's house) in Belfast. So far, we've:

-toured Dublin, including the Guinness factory;
-biked around (one of the) Aran Islands, and resisted pushing Tony off the edge of a cliff;
-driven across Ireland, or rather, Meru has, while we sleep in the back of the van.

Details and more photos than you could shake several very large sticks at to follow. And, video.

Go to Tony's site for a few pics now.

Mel and Meru and Tony were in London for a few days before this Ireland tour, which was fun, tho I was stressed due to work, dealing with house shit, and finishing my final paper, which I handed in about half an hour before we sprinted to Gatwick... indeed, sprinting to catch our transport links has been a major theme of this trip.

But we're ordering pizza and drinking cider now. Tony just exited the washroom and told Kristian: "I ran out of toilet paper, so I used your towels." Good times.


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