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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Silly Herald.

Rumour (okay, natalie) has it that the good old Calgary Herald is thinking of shrinking its city and news sections and focusing more on entertainment. Bloody hell. I've got nothing against entertainment news, but some real news would be nice, too.

In a stupid and not at all scientific attempt to gauge public opinion, they have an online survey:

Please do it, and show the good folks at the herald that people do actually read more in their paper than Val Fortney and syndicated Roger Ebert reviews.

All I know is this: Don't expect me to come back anytime soon if the Sun is the good paper in town...


Blogger Daorcey said...

Sadly, it's true. My sources tell me that it's very much in the works. Just look at SWERVE and the fact that Britany Spears' pregnancy made yesterday's cover. It's embarrassing. I told them that if they continue down this road, I'll start reading the Globe all the time (instead of most of the time).


Anonymous Tony said...

This is good news. Maybe I'll start reading the paper a bit more.



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