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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Battersea Park, melodramatically

How about some time travel? M'kay: Let's go waaaaay back to say, ten-ish days ago, to the golden, happy days before my purse and contents-contained-therein were cruelly and heartlessly and ruthlessly and meanly stolen out from under the very bar stool on which I perched with my mostly-full pint.

Ahh. I remember those days... Halcyon days of having money, and a camera, and phone numbers for my (few and far-between London-based) friends, days undarkened by the thunder-cloud of theft, days when I could go out, and do things. Things that were fun, and entertaining, even. It all seems but a happy, care-free dream now.

Yes, back when I had a digital camera, and back when I went out--to do things, things that cost money, at times--I took a few precious hours and traveled to Battersea Park, where I did something I can no longer do... I took pictures.


It's the end of an era, and of endless photography. Try to control your tears.

For more pics--they're the last for a while, until I get the old SLR film camera loaded up again--click here:


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