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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Holland Park

On Friday, I took the afternoon and went to Kensington High Street, which is supposed to be better for shopping than Oxford, as it has the same stores but way less people.

Got off the tube and turned left. That was a guess, and a wrong one at that, but it turned out pretty well. I walked for a few minutes, not finding many stores, until I came across a park. Called Holland Park, it looks small from the entrance I found, but turned out to be massive and incredible. I walked through it for hours. Full of trees, it's as green and full as the parks in Vancouver, but has the added bonus of old buildings and peacocks. Yes, peacocks.

The best part, tho, was the air. It felt so much fresher than the rest of London.

If I could live anywhere in London, so far, it would be Holland Park. It's close to Kensington and Notting Hill, a few tube stops to the city, and it's gorgeous. Sadly, also expensive, with a two bedroom flat running over 400KΘ--so close to a million dollars.

Pictures are here:

I did manage to get shopping done. Okay, I went to one store, which is the best store I've found so far. I bought sweaters for Θ7 each, a wicked-awesome jacket (pictured, along with a new tanktop, Helen and Anne) for Θ10 and will do lots of Christmas shopping there... And later that night, went to a bar in Old Street called Play for another classmate's (Kate) bday. Got drunk on their special (6 shots for 12Θ), ate doner's on the street, and caught a minicab home.

Good times.


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