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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hilarity Ensues.

A few years ago, I saw a link on (not) news posting site -- they put links to news stories and make funny comments on them -- that they were having a Calgary party. So I went, and sold a story about it to weekly paper FFWD.

I checked a few days after it ran to see if my story got the glory and honor of a post on Fark, but never saw anything. Today, I googled myself -- which I've been doing with frightening regularity lately -- and it turns out my story was indeed linked, and that most Farkers uh, didn't like what I wrote. Seems they fail to see the joke when the shoe's on the other foot, so to speak/write.

Hey, I thought my story was pretty funny. Not as funny, however, as the string of comments about the story... and about how ugly I am -- it is Fark, after all. Sadly, the pictures they were looking at don't seem to be up anymore, but here's what they said about them -- uh, about me:

I liked the article but who is she to call somebody a geek? Has she looked in the mirror lately??

Aint she sexy/hahaha

pot calling the kettle black right there pals...

LOL@REPORTER Now I know why she doesn't have boyfriend..What a hypocrite.

and my personal favourite:

Shes looks like the sausage if anything.... liberal arts type too. 10 bucks she doesn't shave her pits.

Very funny. Have found these photos of the night -- taken by Ben -- so yeah, I admittedly did look rather much like crap that night.

But at least I got an "amusing" tag out of it. The archived comments are here.

And to all the Farkers I offended with that article: I'm sorry -- truly, honestly sorry -- that you're so uptight.


Blogger Daorcey said...

I'm really surprized how personally those Farkers took your article. I thought geeks, especially Farkers and TotalFarkers, embrace their geekiness. I kinda figured they'd be flattered that an article was written about them (and a couple do seem to be).

Totally uptight.



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