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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas in Calgary

So yet another Christmas break in Calgary. This is my third December since I moved out to London and I've yet to spend a single one in the UK. Go figure.

Thankfully, it's relatively warm and snow-free here. (Snow is piled me-high in Edmonton, just a few hours to the north, so that's saying something.)

From a cell phone,
so tiny picture!

As is usual for my month-long winter vacations, I've spend most of my time visiting friends and family... and drinking. When in Calgary, I'm a creature of habit and tend to hit up the same two pubs: Bottlescrew Bill's and the Hop in Brew -- they still remember me at the latter, amusingly and amazingly. (I'm not sure that's a good thing; I must have made an impression previously.) But damn, they do have the best pizza in the entire world. Pizza in London -- and elsewhere, I'm sure -- is limp and lame compared to this shit.

Aside from those pubs (and other favourites the Ship and Anchor -- when they let me in -- and Ming, home to wicked-awesome martinis named after dictators and peace advocates alike) I also spend a lot of time at Tim Horton's, home to good-and-cheap coffee and donuts, and named after a one-time hockey player who died in a winter driving accident. So Canadian it almost hurts...

Baking up a storm...
of cupcakes and nanaimo bars...

If all that wasn't healthy enough, my sisters and I spent a good portion of yesterday baking. Yeah, I'm gonna be fat by the time my holidays are over. (And if you just thought: "But you're already fat..." then fuck you. Yeah, that's right. Tho I must admit that I really, really miss my bike.)

But now it's time for a nap. I was up late last night -- not partying, but shopping... at a 24-hour Wal-Mart. Yeah, I rock out pretty hard in Calgary, eh?



Blogger Mary said...

You went to Walmart without me?! Noooo!!! We were supposed to go together and revel in the oddness and the lateness and the tackiness!

Oh, well. I guess shopping is shopping. Hope you had a good time and that the Walmart greeter wasn't too creepy.


Blogger annie said...

Happy Christmas Nicole! I've been reading your blog and laughing my pants off. You are hilarious. Have fun in Calgary - and feel free to visit the centre of the universe anytime... The T Dot beckons you... Cheers -Ann


Blogger Ryan said...

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Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Nicole,

I'm also back in Calgary over the break. I'll see if I can't a current e-mail address or phone number for you, but if you get this first and you have some free time, give a shout. None of my contact information has changed.





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