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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, and all that. Celebrated in the usual fashion, by throwing a party at Tony's house. Despite my attempt at a theme (buckets -- don't ask), it ended up pretty well being a sit-on-couches-and-drink party, which is about the best kind there is. (Banning board games was an awesome idea, thank you very much.)
Natalie (demonic), Tony (stoic), Anna (thoughtful)

Living up to her YouTube name, Anna photographed and videoed (sp?) large portions of the night, without warning. Not fair, I say, but that's mostly because I look horrible in the photos and drunk in the video, which I suppose is my fault and not hers... But moving pictures are not for me, not after shots of Apfel Korn and handfuls of Rummy Bears. But damn funny: the full video list is available here and more old-fashioned still photos are here.


But we didn't just sit on the couches watching a Fireplace dvd (so lame, yet so captivating), dodging champagne corks ("You just need to warm it up in your crotch" - Tony) and trying to convince Christine to dump Kris (Sorry Kris!). No, we also learned to juggle. With oranges. Two years ago, it was balloon animals; now, it's juggling. What will Tony teach us next year? Will Meru truly learn the meaning of a UFIA?

Forget blue balls, Tony's are orange.
He should get that looked at.

After everyone cleared out, Peter showed up. And then Tony went to the casino. The end.

All photos and video by the super amazing Anna (and the mostly amazing Mary). Because I was too drunk to operate my camera. Or find it.



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