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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


F0llowing the advice of my uncle Peter, I bought a bike. I've named her Sally:

The eventual plan is to ride to work, thereby saving myself oodles on tube fare and theoretically being less fat. I haven't yet started this for two reasons:

  1. I'm so out of shape, I'd die of a heart attack before I reached the office.
  2. Riding on London roads is scary. I'm convinced I'm going to get run down or knocked over, and I haven't even ventured onto a major road or worse, a roundabout, yet.

So I've been working my way up, slowly getting my muscles back into shape, overcoming my fear of London traffic (which is a well-place fear, I think) and learning the ropes of road cycling a bit. I've biked to Battersea Park a few times -- which has the added bonus of me spending more time in that lovely park (a few recent pictures here).


Blogger Will said...

Can I just say this: cycling to the pub does not count as exercise.


Blogger Nicole said...

More exercise than you got, stumbling home... across the street.


Blogger Daorcey said...

I remember when I moved to Calgary... I brought my bike and locked it up in the bike room...

That was over four years ago. I haven't used it since. I think I've forgotten what it looks like. I guess I could identify it as the only bike with a centimeter of dust on it.

Good luck!


Blogger Nat said...

Dude, get a helmet. I'm not joking. I'm glad I had one in China. And even though it cost $100 for my parents to ship it, it was well worth it. Even with bike lanes I didn't trust those Chinese drivers one freakin' bit. And why Sally?


Blogger Nicole said...

Yeah, I need a helmet and a front light (for riding when it's dark, which happens at like, noon, now) and waterproof clothes for when it rains (which is often in winter). And, I need to stop being a chicken on the roads.



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