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Monday, October 09, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving! In celebration of turkey day, I made a pumpkin pie. After much searching of local shops, a friend of a friend suggested I try the Canada Shop in Covent Garden. They had some, for the low, low cost of ₤3.25.

It's amazing how much you'll (and by "you", I mean "me") pay to recreate a little bit of home when you're far away -- especially when that little bit of home is so damn tasty.

I could try to force a segue into the following pictures by saying I'm thankful for how happy they make me, but instead I'll just post them...

Daorcey has mastered the playground! After an embarrasing fall in London last year from a toy designed for small children, Daorcey has finally figured out how to balance the damn things.


and now:

Okay, Natalie and I may be the only people in the world who find this funny. But damn, it makes me laugh.


Blogger gary said...

This only proves that the photographer was a little quicker this time.



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