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Friday, October 13, 2006


At the farm I volunteer at, they have three new horses. One is owned by an instructor, and the other two are ponies for the kids to ride.


The two ponies are called Billy and Dan -- who names a horse Dan! -- and were bought off of gypsies. My mental image of that is surely no where near the reality.


Lately I've been actually getting to ride a bit myself -- and no, not Dan, b/c that would be too funny. There's a law against such things.

It's nice tho, even when I don't get to ride, seeing how completely happy the horses make the disabled kids. The kids aren't simply missing a leg or something, they have both mental and physical issues, especially with learning and communicating.

But they do really well with the horses. One little girl giggles hysterically every time she gets to trot while another little boy is so attached to one pony -- DJ, of all of them -- that when his (not disabled) sister got on to ride last night, he threw a fit of jealousy. That sounds bad, but the kid is like two feet tall and can barely speak, so he just kept shaking his tiny little fist at her. So funny.



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