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Monday, December 12, 2005


So there was a massive explosion just north of London yesterday morning, at an oil depot of some sort. Even though I was in North London at the time, I didn’t hear a sound (though newspapers are saying the boom was heard as far off as Holland) nor see any smoke. Of course, given London is constantly filled with loud noise and is cloudy more often than not, it’s no wonder I didn’t notice a thing.

There is, of course, speculation of terrorism, but given a single spark in the wrong place is enough to set off an explosion with petrol fumes, it’s more than likely it was just an accident. One of the companies involved at the plant is denying rumours that several leaks had been reported and apparently not been dealt with recently. If that’s true, I hope they get they get their asses sued. To fight terror, we’re (or some, anyway, by which I mean not me) are willing to give up freedoms, carry personal ID cards, and allow torture. To ensure corporations don’t kill or maim, we’re willing to… do not a whole lot, actually. Wouldn’t want to hurt the economy, and all that.

But the pictures are really, really cool, in a hellish sort of way. (None of these are mine. Obviously. I'm not this skilled.)


Blogger Huw said...

It's gratifying no-one was hurt: allows us to take some pleasure in admiring the destruction without being to morbid.

Well, pleasure until it rains at least...


Blogger Nicole said...

I think some people were hurt, actually. A couple people went to hospital, anyway. No deaths, which is amazing, but I think the place is pretty empty (tho not completely unstaffed) on Sundays.

It's not so much taking pleasure in what happened, more fascination. Especially with the photos... But yeah, lets hope it doesn't rain for the next few days... I'd rather my skin didn't burn off.



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