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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hotel Nicole, open for business

The first in a long string of visitors arrived yesterday... Kotarski! He's on his way to Geneva to slave for the UN. (Left-wing response: How cool! He's saving the world! Right-wing response: Why would he waste his time at that ineffective, dead, useless organization!?)

Thankfully, Kris is not much for touristy things, as I'm forseeing much sightseeing when 3/4 of my family arrive in a couple weeks. One must pace one's self... and one's bank account.

Rather than do the upon-arrival West End tour, Kris got a tour of... my flat. Where we stayed, and drank beer. Good times.

In other Kris-related news -- this is awfully well-timed, has he been taking PR lessons from Daorcey? -- Kotarski now has a blog. It was bound to happen eventually. Blogging ensares us all... including me. Obviously. His is here:


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