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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baker Street

While cycling to and from my house the past few days, I've gone past a movie set. I live right near an area called Shad Thames, and on the edge of it there's a bunch of warehouses -- really, Shad Thames is mostly old warehouses converted into seriously expensive housing.

Anyway, there's a mechanics shop on Chambers Street a couple blocks from where I live, and the past few days its been full of 1970s cars and made to look like a car dealership. There's a ton of trucks outside and film crew and lights and stuff.

A ton of movies and crap TV shows get filmed in London, so film crews aren't really that rare, so I didn't take much interest in it. I did ask one guy what movie it was, and he didn't tell me the name -- didn't know? wasn't allowed to say? -- but told me it was about a really crazy 1971 bank robbery in London.

Based on that, I think it's for a movie called Baker Street... starring the dead-sexy (for a bald man) Jason Statham. So yeah... I'll be taking a wee bit more of an interest now.

I'll get pictures (of the site, not the star) if I manage to remember my camera before they finish filming.


Blogger Will said...

I see it stars the awesome Stephen Campbell Moore (of The History Boys). Get a picture of him, he's a legend.


Blogger Nicole said...

Dude, the Hugh Laurie guy! I think I'm gonna like this movie...

Anyway, they've stopped filming, pre-empting my celeb (if SCM and Jason Statham count as celebs?) stalking before it even got started.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's for the movie "The Bank Job" out in theaters NOW!!! Awesome movie!!!



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