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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Top Gear!

My weekend was lame; I need to start doing more interesting things, so I have better things to write about. That, or I can start lying. This time, I won't do either, and will instead just bore you.

Actually, Friday was good. Went to Sideways with Anne, and then out to the Amersham Arms again, for beer and music. Anne and Iain and I ended up back in our kitchen, drinking wine and having wonderfully pretentious conversations on topics only of interest to arts/masters students, and then only when they're drinking.

Saturday and Sunday, I watched a lot of TV. There were a lot of good movies on this weekend--Rio Bravo, which I've now seen about 6 times, 12 Monkeys--and a lot of shit--Collateral Damage, the Pallbearer, Queen of the Damned--that I watched. Also, I've found my new favourite show: Top Gear. It's about cars. Basically, the main presenter tests cars, he takes the new ferarri, or whatever, out onto the show's track. That's not the best part, tho. They also have celebrities--like one of the members of the Who, Simon Cowell, whoever--and let them take a car out on the track, and then keep track of their times. Even better tho, is when they get creative. One guy on the show hates public transport, so he decided to prove that he could get from London to somewhere in Switzerland faster (in his brand new ferrarri) than the other two guys could taking a plane, then a train and then a bus. Apparently, Swiss trains are the fastest and bestest in the world. It was an 11 hour trip, but the car won--by a whole three minutes. He also got a speeding ticket. They also raced a rally car and a bob sled--the bob sled won, by a few seconds. And, they somehow got an Apache Helicopter, and paired it up against a Lotus (or something like that). Not for speed this time, but to see if the Lotus could outdodge the Apache--which it did. The helicopter was supposed to try to lock it's gun radar on the car, and it couldn't. However, when they pulled back a few miles (which is how the helicopters usually work, they don't do short range) the got a lock right away... and then blew up the car. Fun.

Anyways... clearly, I watched too much tv. I also broke my glasses (for the billionth time) on the kitchen cupboard door--which hurt a lot less than the previous breakages, which mostly involved knocking heads with a horse.

We're doing a lot of interviewing in class, so I had to do a quote to quote story based on a news item. I chose one that required me to speak to teachers... I tried all week, and couldn't find someone to talk to me. I mean, I was on teh phone constantly. As it was due last night, and as of yesterday I didn't have shit, I dropped that idea, picked a new one, and finished it in three hours. Then, as soon as I was done, teachers have been calling me back. Bastards. I did, thanks to the topic change, get to talk to an animal rights activist who's been arrested dozens of times for his shit-disturbing, and even been set up, according to him, by the secret service. Wicked-awesome.

Huh. For someone with not much to say, I sure write a lot, don't I?


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