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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Les Miserables

I went to see another West End musical yesterday night; this time, we took in Les Miserables. I liked it more than Phantom (tho both are pretty wicked-awesome, and I'd recommend both equally), mostly because it's much less cheesy. I always expect musicals to be cheesy--to expect otherwise would be like being surprised at mozzarella on a pizza--but this one really isn't. It has moments of melodrama, but the music and the songs seem more subtle and more organic than the other musicals I've seen (which are, to date: Phantom, here; Grease, Calgary; Tommy, Calgary; the last of which I really loved.)

It probably helps that the subject matter and the story are a bit more serious than Phantom's (guy with weird face likes pretty girl, so he sings songs and kills people).

As is probably standard for a massive West End production, the performances were amazing--how can Britney Spears make millions while these people don't?--and the set very, very cool. Les Mis is currently in it's 20th year in that theatre--Queen's Theatre, on Shaftsbury Ave.--so I think it's safe to say the producers know what they're doing, at this point...

Makes me want to stay a student forever, tho (don't worry Dad, I promise I won't) because we got an amazing discount. Our seats were in the centre, about ten or so rows back, on the main floor. A perfect view, to a world-famous musical, for only £20. Full price for those seats runs £45...


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