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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weirdness followup

I've been telling this story -- about the dreadlocked dude on horseback -- to uh, everyone, so it seemed fitting to tell it to the horsey folks at Vauxhall farm, where I volunteer.

I got about six, maybe seven, words into the story when Linda -- the riding instructor/manager -- said: "Big guy, blonde dreadlocks? Yeah, see him doing that all the time."

Then Linda when off to do something, and another volunteer sat down. So, of course, I launched into the story again: "So I was cycling through Vauxhall, and saw this guy on horseback--" Bam! Interrupted again: "Black guy, on brown and white horse?" Uh, yeah.

So it's apparently not so weird after all. Turns out the guy borrows the horse -- named Mutly, or something to that effect, who is the daddy of our pony DJ -- from a farm at Clapham Common, which does trick riding and funerals. (Hopefully not at the same time? Tho, hey, could make for a interesting send-off.)

And, it turns out horseback riding in the city is legal, so I'll be trading in the bike for a pony any day now... As soon as I can figure out where to park it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this, and yes, I think everyone should ride to work on a horse. Beats smelly armpits and underground stations commuter stampede. X



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