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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ambassador's Reception

Last night, went to a reception at the Canadian Ambassador's house, held for Canadian postgrads. I was wearing new shoes that I bought in spite of my rule to only buy comfortable shoes. They were just so cute, and so cheap... my hubris in the face of the shoe gods cost me dearly, and my feet hurt all night.

Anyways, the night mostly consisted of me drinking lots of wine and people talking to people they already know. Cambridge sent a bus-load of students up... and they spent the whole night talking to their friends. No surprise, I suppose. But I got free booze, which is always nice, bonded with my Canadian classmate, Dawn, and got to spend the night listening to Canadian accents, rather than the crazy ones I usually hear.

Oh, and I got to see the inside of an ambassador's house. Never done that before.


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