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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Picnic in the Park

Considering I'm in London (infamous for grey, foggy, wet weather) and given that the past weekend was the May Day Bank Holiday (read: May Long Weekend Number One), the weather was amazingly sunny. Taking advantage of the only slightly damp, +25 day, me and a pile o' friends took the train to Battersea Park for a day of eating, lying about, playing frisbee and rowing around the pond. Armed with food, blankets, a 50p Tesco-bought frisbee, and who knows what else, we set up camp for the day, and had one hell of a good time.

Pictures, of course, are here:

And let me just say, frisbeeing (as it shall forthwith be known, rather than "playing frisbee") is one hell of a good workout.

Oh, and let me say... Good posts to come. I've had a busy weekend.


Blogger Nat said...

Is that area where we saw the swans and the ugly memorial to Prince Albert ? Jeez it looks green. We don't even have leaves on our trees yet.


Blogger Nicole said...

Nope, that was Kensington Park Gardens, this was south of the river from there.



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