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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So not Jodie Sweetin, then?*

While perusing Anita's blog, I came across this webby device, which scans an uploaded photo, and tells you which celebrities you most look like. My curiosity and vanity piqued, I had to try it out.

Using this pic, I came up 73% Michelle Yeoh and 70% some other Chinese actress -- I'm avoiding a horribly racist joke about my eyes and their slantiness here -- as well as 68% Hilary Clinton, 66% Diane Keaton, and 64% Micheal Schumacher. Yeah, the race car guy. So, in sum: I look part Asian, part old tough politician, part old tough actress, and part old tough man. So, in sum: I'm ugly.

Of course, it's just the photo, right? Using this pic, I tried again. This came up 63% Andie Macdowell, 63% some crazy looking old man named David Fo, 61% Julia-Louis Dreyfus (who, if I were on Seinfeld, I would be) and 58% Jimmy Carter. Uhhh... yeah. Andie Macdowell?

Third time's a charm, right? But this one needed to be a good photo. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, maybe I'm not photogenic, maybe I'm just damn ugly, but after clicking thru my photo site, my sister's and then Anna's, I didn't find one I liked. (I did, however, get all misty-eyed at all the fun times we done had: Canada at Bill's last year... Cuba... the wedding... numerous Hop occasions...)

So I sucked it up, and used this one, I got 66% Halle Berry. I guess I'm gonna wear a touque from now on, 'cause hell, it works.

Of course, this is all crap, as a friend of mine who at times looks -- honestly -- like either Bob Dylan or Ed Norton says he came out as John Cusack repeatedly. And this so-called "technology" refused to reaffirm my personal belief that Dan's got an Ethan Hawke thing going, and that can't be just in my head...

*I was mistaken for the Full House star while in the Bahamas -- this guy got really mad when I wouldn't sign an autograph for his kids, but hell, I didn't even know Stephanie's real name at the time...


Blogger Nat said...

Clearly, something is wrong with you. Even with underwear on my head (as seen here I am a 56% match with Charlize Theron.

If I open it up to guys I match up with Stan Lee and Frank Zappa.


Blogger Nicole said...

If they think Charlize Theron, Stan Lee and Zappa all share characteristics, I say it's not me that's the problem... it's the shit program.


Blogger Will said...

No, it works like a dream! Just a day after I'd done it, a friend told me she thought I looked like John Cusack. Bow down before the amazing machine!

(My mate Dan just got a 58% match with Camilla Parker Bowles. Yikes.)



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