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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lloyds, but drunk(er)

For all you Calgary folk, remember Lloyds rollerskating? Ah, the teenaged romance and the pimps -- such fond memories. Fond, fond memories.

Anyway, they have such a place -- but for grown ups! with alcohol! -- near Kings Cross. A so-called Roller Disco, it's like any other club... Line up and pay a huge cover charge to get in and see weirdly dressed, uh, I mean fashionably dressed, people drunkenly making asses of themselves. Except this time, on wheels.

While there were a few talented rollerskaters, most of the people there just attempted to roll around in circles on one of the three "dance floors" without falling over. One guy couldn't even manage that; he spent the whole night flailing around and falling on his ass, often taking others with him. Also amusing were the thuggin young guys -- black, with hoodies and low riding pants, they'd look tough if not for the rollerskates they brought with them.

Good times, tho. My deformed feet hurt like a bitch after -- thanks mom, dad, for the poor genetics -- but the alcohol dulled the pain.

Anyway, I think we should all pool our money, buy Lloyds in Calgary and rebrand it as a roller disco club. We'd make a killing -- and the way I skate, possibly not figuratively...


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