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Thursday, May 25, 2006

London Picture Goodness

...and moving onto London... So here're the pics from the London-touristy-ness. I took fewer photos this time around, given a) I live here and b) I was at work half the time.

Pictures of pictures (by me)

Here're a few, the rest of mine are here; Michelle's and my parents' are also posted. Hopefully this isn't a total bitch to load. It's just gonna get worse... Germany is still to come...

Obligatory (pic by my mom)

Guardin the tower (pic by my mom)

Feedin pigeons (pic by michelle)

Me and my Pony (pic by Michelle)

St Pauls (by michelle)

Swingin' London (by me)

My dad's new friend (by michelle)

Michelle going Roman (by me)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just couldn't help myself -- can you pleeease tell me more about the giant fetus?? i laughed so hard at that picture!

Where? Why? and what is up with that cord?

From, Jen
(infamous only due to my association with James Keller)


Blogger Nicole said...


Sadly, I wasn't there when the photo was taken, as I was toiling at work, but that's part of some human body exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

So that's supposed to be a baby in the womb, making that cord the umbilical (sp?) cord.

Apparently you can hear "a sound recording of what a foetus hears" at the exhibit. Scary... I might go this weekend...


(Oh, and yeah, you are totally infamous. But that's what you get for living in sin with Keller!)



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