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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

MTM's Saturday in London

On Saturday, we had an english breakfast, dropped tony and Meru at Millwall for football, while Mel and I shopped, then pub crawled down the southbank.

After sleeping in a bit, we went down the street to Goldsmiths Cafe, across from my school. New Cross is a strange area, but lately, it seems to be getting more gentrified. I mean, in the last few weeks even, there've been new stores opening up where pawn shops used to be and cafes have been renovating and cleaning up. The whole place is much nicer than it was even a few months ago. If I had the money to invest in a place out here, I'd buy in New Cross. A few years from now, housing prices in the area--which are currently much lower than they should be, given the transport links--will probably jump.

Anyways. Breakfast at this place is cheapish and huge and come with chips. It's a proper english fry-up, with greasy ham-like bacon, oodles of eggs and big nasty sasauges. Keeps ya feeling full and gross for the whole day.

After that, we walked through Deptford Market, one of the highlights of the area. Anything you want, they have, super cheap. Good fun, especially the meat and fish stalls. Smelly.

From there, we walked to Millwall, to drop the guys off for their football game. Millwall FC are famous for riots and racism, but have cleaned up their act now. Mel and I went shopping in Kensington High Street, checking out H&M and Top Shop, among others.

We headed back to London Bridge to meet Tony and Meru, who were late because they got lost after the game.

When they eventually did show up, we headed to one of my favourite London areas, the South Bank. After dinner in an overpriced Greek restaurant, we walked along the river, checking out the sights, including the fake Shakespeare's Globe theatre and the Tate Modern, which I've never been in before.

From there, we went pubbing, stopping at the Anchor and... some other pub that was super cool. Tony stole pint glasses, and we drank until they kicked us out. At 12. Oh London, you're so not hardcore. Anyways, my friend Iain stopped by, so my visitors got to meet a real British person.

They really liked him. Which isn't surprising, given he's a cool guy, but this above photo makes it look like they worship him, just a bit. I'm sure they don't.

After getting back to New Cross, we went to the off-liscence (read: liquor store) and drank at an old house at the end of my block. Good times. I love that you can drink in public here...

And then, tired among other things, we stumbled back to my tiny room and slept in very late...


Pictures from that day, and a few later on, here:

More day-by-day play-by-plays to come...


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