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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Channel Five, I thank you

So, Edmonton didn't lose last night. That's not what I was expecting, I've got to say. Of course, I neeeeeeeeed to watch Game 7, so I called up the Canadian pub in Covent Garden -- called the Maple Leaf -- and asked if they were showing it.

They're not. Because they're not staying open late. They'll show the game on Wednesday tho. Uh, yeah. I'd rant now about the sheer ridiculous of it, not staying open late this one night of the year, so Canadian expats can join together and watch our sport, and all that crap, but buddy told me the game is on TV. On Channel Five, which is one of the basic ones... as in, I can watch the game.

Despite my disapointment in the ML, I gotta say it's nice to have somewhere I can call and ask "Are you showing the game tomorrow?" and know that they're gonna know I mean hockey, and not the World Cup.

And, if you -- yes, you! -- are gonna be watching the game from home tomorrow night (loser), let me know, so I have someone to call and discuss with...



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