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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Photos and Weekend Update

The site I use for online photo goodness has a new feature, that lets me have a prettier online album. Check it out here: I'll make it prettier when I have time. It has all the old photos as well as some new ones, and all the links already on this site still work, so yay.

A few sets of new photos are up...

From my friend/classmate's birthday:

From last weekend, with Ryan, there are photos from the boat trip:

And more photos from touristy stuff:

They cost me a ton to develop, so I need to find a cheaper place to go... And these can also all be reached by going to the above listed site, and navigating around.

And, Anna sent me these, which nearly made me cry (in a happy sort of way) in the library:

Thanks Anna! You rock; you have no idea how happy that made me!


This weekend, I went to Marc's birthday, which was fun. Helen, my scottish roommate, got so drunk she somehow managed to sleep thru a fire alarm at 4:30am... so clearly good times were had.

Hung around the flat on Saturday, being lame and watching TV, as I know have one. I'm not usually a big TV watcher, but I'm very grateful to have it. I had to carry it all the way from the store (Curry's) which isn't a far walk (maybe 7 or 8 minutes) but my arm muscles are already not what they were this summer. I need to find me some shit to shovel.

Today, I went shopping at a Walmart-type store, that had food, clothes, household stuff, all super cheap. I bought a french press coffee maker (i can't wait to use it!) and a scale. I got home, took off my runners, stepped onto the scale and looked down, and realized I hadn't a clue what the numbers meant--they were in kilos and stones, and I only know pounds. So I'll have to convert...

And tonight, went to a wonderful, innovative and sharply-acted play called What I did with my body today (or something like that) that looked at heridtary traits and fate. Very interesting...and the lead actor was astonishingly good. In one scene he switched between playing a character called David, and David's father, who is 40 years older than David. It was as convincing as if they'd cast an older man, and he did the transformation right on stage. Bloody awesome.


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