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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Gonna do a few days at once, as there isn't a ton to say...

Sunday: We sleep in after a late night, and head to the Tower, take a Thames boat trip, visit Camden before splitting up for the night.

After the night we had, we slept in pretty late. When we eventually woke up, it was off for more tourism. There would normally be a billion photos for such a day, but lucky you, I forgot my camera.

We tubed it to the Tower of London, but didn't go inside (I think Mel did later) because it's expensive and kinda lame. And, too many tourists. I had a hangover. I just couldn't bear the thought of tourists.

So we took one of the Thames river cruises, which was perfect on a hot, hangover-filled day. Anyone who goes to London should do this (take a river trip, not get hungover... actually, do both). You get to see so many sights, and it's cheap, and it's fun.

After that, we headed to the Apple Store, not the first or last time for Tony. Then we wandered to Camden, home of indie kids and expensive market shopping. We split up, a good idea given our hangover-induced grumpiness.

In the hour we were apart, I wandered a bit, window-shoppping (as much as one can window shop in a market... stall-shopped? table-shopped... okay, I looked around). Tony apparently got solicted to buy drugs oh, 50 times.

When we all met up again, we decided to all split up again. I went home to finish (ha ha ha, try start) my paper, while Meru went in search of the Notting Hill Carnival, and Mel and Tony went wandering.

Monday: I work, but we all meet up for drinks after at Covent Garden.

I worked all day, first at real work, then on the paper for a few hours after work. I won't go into detail. Indeed, that's too much already.

More interesting, I think, is what the others did:

Meru: Went to the Notting Hill Festival, a massive outdoor music/dance/thing that attracts somwhere between 1 to 2 million people. Insane. He came back dehydrated and sunburnt--two signs of a good day in London.

Mel: Went to Leeds Castle on the train. Had a great time touring the place, but a bit of trouble getting back to London, what with trains being cancelled and crazy hobos with gangerne legs begging her for money. But she persevered, and found her way to Covent Garden.

Tony: Went to the Apple Store. All day. You think I'm kidding, then you don't know Tony.

So, Covent Garden. We had dinner at an italian restaurant, and sat outside listening to buskers play. Our food took forever to arrive; it was very bad service and way over-priced.

At this point, Murray finds a Mr Whippy ice cream to play with, something he'd been wanting to do for the past few days...

Then Dan showed up, and took us to an old, very cool pub called the Lamb and Flag. How old is this place, the clever and curious among you ask? Old enough to have once served pints to Charles Dickens.

Then we went home, before I dropped from exhaustion.

Tuesday: I work some more. Everyone else scatters, but we (most of us) meet up for Indian food at Brick Lane.

I again spend the day working, and post-work, run down to Stockwell for housey stuff, before running back across town for a meeting (that doesn't even take place).

Anyways. Then we all meet up at Brick Lane. The group did this:

Meru: Hit up museums and went all over the city. I couldn't even tell you what he did, he did so much stuff.

Mel: Same deal. Went all over, saw Tower of London, lots of stuff.

Tony: Apple Store. You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

So we meet at Brick Lane for dinner. All of us, that is, except Tony, who is still at the Apple Store. Okay. To be fair, he was working. But it was hilarious.

Brick Lane is the place to go for Indian food, not so much because it's good (which it is) but because it's highly amusing. (Some details here.) Anyways, after picking which discount we wanted (25% off, with free beer) we waited for Dan and my friend Kate to show up. We all shared a bunch of dishes, which is the best way to eat such food. Good times had by all.

Then we headed to Trafalgar Square to meet Tony, who we found standing under Lord Napoleon, I mean, Nelson. Dan again proving his impressive knowledge of London drinking establishments (no small part of why I like him), takes us to a wine bar called Gordon's. Underground, dark and dank, it was exactly what a wine bar should be. We all shared a bottle, while Tony tried to choke down a glass of thick, sweet port. He still wasn't finished by the time we finished our bottle... so he chugged it. Despairing that a class of liquor would/could get the better of him, he buckled down and... chugged it.

From there, we wandered down the road to a Sherlock Holmes pub (not "the," one of many) for some palate clearing pints. Nice place, this pub. Had the head of the Hound of the Baskervilles on the wall. Can't argue with that...

Then, come closing time, we went home, so we could all get some sleep... what with us going to Dublin the next day...


Okay, I guess I did have a lot to say. sorry for the long posts...

Pictures are in the same pile as linked in the post below. Ireland trip to follow...

And, guess who lives down the street from my parents? None other than the amazing, the wonderful Jerome Iginla. How cool is that?


Blogger Daorcey said...

Oh, man. Brick Lane. It brings me back. That evening was a total highlight.

Sunny? Hot? London? Jeeze, we picked the wrong time to visit Town. All I remember is bitter cold, snow and rain.

Now I have to go back to London to see sunshine. Oh well... :)



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