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Monday, January 29, 2007

Risk Addiction!

Last week, went to a comedians vs shitty movies night. Basically, they show a Bad film – in this case, Basic Instinct 2 – but also supply comedians who do running commentary, often using laser pointers to highlight amusing things, such as how little Sharon Stone’s face moves.

The film’s subtitle is Risk Addiction, presumably because the nonsensical, mostly-nonexistent plot involves Sharon Stone doing risky things. For example – and this exemplifies the “risky” theme as well as the brutal shitiness -- the film begins with her in a car with a doped up footballer. She’s racing all over the streets of London, while he does nasty things to her. At one point, however, he slumps against the passenger side window and starts drooling. This fine, fine piece of cinematic dialogue ensues:

Doped-up-footballer: “I can’t move.”
Sharon Stone: “You’re in a car. You don’t have to.”

Anyway, they then – accidently? Or not? Oooh! Suspense! – plunge the car and themselves into a body of water much too clean to be the Thames.

This started a sort-of joke where one of the comedians would say, sarcastically: “They’re addicted to risk!”

So one of the comedians, continuing the joke much later on in the film, in admittedly not very funny fashion, says:

“Maybe it’s like the board game… they’re addicted to playing Risk!”

I laughed. No one else laughed. But I did. But then again, who else knows someone (Tony!) who actually battled with Risk – Lord of the Rings Risk, anyway -- addiction?

Don’t you hate when something funny happens, and no one around you knows why it’s funny? Such a waste.


Anonymous tony said...

Settlers of Catan is my methadone.


Blogger Daorcey said...

I was so ready to make a witty comment about my own LOTR Risk addiction when I started reading your post... It seems I have been beaten to the punch.

Tony's totally right about Settlers, though. It's like Risk but without the "Kamikazee!" and crying.



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