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Sunday, July 10, 2005


So Nat and Daorcey got married! Crazy, eh? They are now DarNat before the eyes of the law.

Anyways... The wedding was awesome. Nat looked insanely pretty. I mean, she's always pretty, blah blah blah, but she looked gorgeous. Which is duly amazing given the retarded nature of the woman doing our makeup. (Don't believe me, ask Nat about her puffy face.)

The other person totally hot was Tony in his dead-sexy suit. That's why there's a photo of Nat and Tony up here, to overwhelm you with their hotness: (Daorcey, you were pretty too, but we're used to seeing you dressed up!)

Aside from the general attractiveness of the group, it was a really good wedding. I won't attempt to play-by-play the whole day, but here's the gist...

We drove up the day before, Nat, Daorcey and I--like I'm gonna stop being the third-wheel ever--listening to Live 8. When we arrived, there was lots of running around to do, which was bad for me as I still had to finish their gift and write my Nat-speech. The rehearsal dinner was awesome, mostly because Daorcey's mom's lasagne was retardedly good. (I ate a lot, not good, given how much my dress had already been let out...).

After that, and the rehearsal, which consisted of us standing around in a park, we went for beer with Daorcey's friends from waaay back. Nat and I both had a wheel of beer, and let me say this: the Grizzly Paw (is that what it was called?) has shitty beer compared to Brewsters. And, the name sucks.

That night, Nat watched as I finished their gift, a photo book of pictures of the two of them. There's nearly 80 (or so) pics in there, and I had a ton of leftovers. And that was just using photos with both of them in them... Insane. I take way too many pics of those two. (But thanks to Matt Oakes, James, Anna, Colin and anyone else I missed for the pics you sent.)

The next day, after a breakfast of several platefuls of bacon, we headed to the salon. I'm the only one of the girls who regularly wears makeup, so this was an entertaining morning. Despite the stupidity of the makeup "artist," everyone looked amazing. Nat looked, as I've mentioned, stunning, and Nat's mom, Mae, looked great, too. Especially her hair. I loved her hair.

My hair was painful. Physically. Seriously. It was tight and pulling and pins were stuck into my head--so much, that I was bleeding, as I noticed after. At one point I asked hairdresser lady Fran if she could make it hurt less. She poked around for a sec, then said: "No."

When Nat was getting her makeup done, Arone, Daorcey's taller-but-skinnier younger brother walked in. This was confusing. He walked up to Nat, and presented her with a beautiful diamond solitare necklace (that matches her engagement ring in cut, style and size) and said it was from Daorcey (how weird if it'd been from Arone...) who just wanted Nat to know how much he loved her. (Thanks Daorcey, make us cry before our makeup has set!) So insanely sweet. Like she was gonna pull a runner after that. Anyways, Arone walked out, and the dumb-makeup-lady said: "Ooh, your fiance is cute." Ha, ha, ha. Yes, and he talks about himself in the third person.

We headed back to the hotel after to get dressed. The other bridesmaids hung out playing cards or something while I wrote the speech. It was hard to write. I'd been trying to for days, and couldn't decide what I wanted to say. There's just so much for me to say about Nat. I whittled it down to 7 pages, still much too long, but figured I could pick and choose at the reception what to say.

Finally, we got to the wedding. We arrived in a minivan driven by Nat's very posh dad, Song. When we pulled up, all these people crowded around the van to take photos, I guess of Nat walking out. Because that would be a great shot. Eventually everyone cleared a bit, and went where they were supposed to be, and we got out, and Nat started crying, which of course got me going. Gary took some shots--Gary the photographer, who is amazing--of Nat's parents comforting her that I really want to see.

Then, there was a wedding. Daorcey's dad Colin made me cry, but thankfully I had tissues in my dress--which came in handy for Nat later, too. (And made for a rather funny scene, I think.) I won't go into more detail here, as if you were there you know, and if you weren't, I wont' get it into words right. It was beautiful and perfect.

Then, wedding photos, and then we headed back to the hotel so Nat could change into her red dress, which is a chinese custom, or something. More imporantly, Nat looked hot.

The reception--great after I gave my speech. I was so nervous I couldn't eat, so I was glad to get that over with. I don't even remember what I said, and I lost my speech notes after. But hopefully it got across a) Nat's awesome b) I love her a lot c) I'm very happy for them both. Why I didn't get up and just say that, I don't know.

It was awesome to see everyone there, and to see everyone dressed up. Aside from Nat and Tony, everyone else looked great, too. More importantly, we took care of the wine... wouldn't want any leftovers, now would we?

Anyways, the next day, it was back to reality, and Nat and Daorcey drove me back to Calgary (like I said, still third-wheel). They didn't take a honeymoon, but given the state of Nat's face (puffy and swollen--probably from the shitty makeup) it's probably good they didn't go anywhere...

Okay, that's already longer than I meant to post... so here's some pictures:

For my shit photos:

or here, for Nat's blog and a link to Gary pics:


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