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Friday, April 15, 2005

You guys rock. As does my new camera.

What's this?!?! It's a photo--that's right, I'm no longer cameraless! Why? Because I have the most wicked-awesome-est friends ever. Ever, in the history of time, space, life, the universe and everything.

Let me tell you why.

So, yesterday morning, on the way to my work experience gig, I stopped at the accomodations office to pick up a package that was apparently waiting for me. I thought, for various reasons, that it was something small that I could just cram into my bag.

Well, I was wrong. It was a big, massive box. And I was confused. What the hell had Melanie (judging from the handwriting, and a phone conversation the night before) sent me?

I was running late (big surprise) so I stopped in Iceland (grocery store) across the street, got a bag to carry it in, and went to New Cross Gate tube station. While waiting for the tube, I opened the box--on the top, a pile of cards; below those, a bunch of prettily wrapped gifts. (And let me state for the record: It ain't my birthday.)

I didn't unwrap the whole pile there, but got the idea from the cards. To replace the stolen camera, my wonderful friends and sisters and cousin got together and bought me a brand-spanking new camera, that, I should note, is waaaaaay fancier than the last one. So, picture this: I'm sitting at the New Cross Gate platform, grinning like an idiot, with tears in my eyes, surrounded by wrapping paper. Good lord.

So billions of thanks to, in no particular order,: Nat, Daorcey, Mary, Anna, Ken, Tony, Chris, Meru, Bramandon, Michelle/Ken (I need a name for them...) and Lisa!

You have no idea how much it means to me, really. I still have a huge smile on my face--and that's after a trip to the gym. So...I guess you guys do like my photos!

Also in the big box of goodies (see above photo; and yes, my curtains are that ugly) was a pile of makeup (courtesy Michelle) and a book (from Mel). So I know have more makeup than I've had since I was a teenager. Wicked.

And, some funny cards, including another DarNat classic, and the third copy of the Horse postcard I've received. Booya.

So, to sum: I now have a new camera. And, I've got wicked awesome friends. Yay for me!


Anonymous Tony said...

Michelle + Ken = Michen


Anonymous Tony said...

Hey! You didn't include the camera in the photo. What a jip.


Blogger Nicole said...

I actually thought about including the camera, and was trying to figure out how to set it all up in front of my bathroom mirror, but then realized it wasn't worth the effort.

I should have just photoshopped it in, or something.

Michen? Hmmm. We'll see how she takes to that...


Blogger Nat said...

Gym, eh? Yeah, well you're pretty fat so you need to skinny it down. But I'm glad you're enjoying the camera. And that's why I asked you about my invitation.


Anonymous melanie said...

Thanks for the phone call to Thank me, I'm glad the package didn't take forever in the East Midlands!



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