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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hangin' 'round

Whoo... it done be a good long while since I done posted here, eh? Or, anywhere, for that matter. Right.

So, I haven't posted because I haven't done anything interesting. Of course, given I'm living in London, that's a lie.

So here's some randomly ordered descriptions of things I've done:

I went poster shopping yesterday. The only place I could think to go was the National Gallery. And while they might not have the selection of whatever the poster shop in Southcentre mall is now called, it's the freaking National Gallery. I bought this one:

Whistlejacket, by Stubbs

Not only is it pretty, and horsey, it also matches my room, which I've now painted (green and khaki, the latter of which Britons say "car-key," to my great amusement--i mean, where's the 'r' in that?).

Went to a bar last weekend for Dan's birthday. It was called Kick. I figured it'd be some lame-o club (as it is located in Old Street) but no. It was named Kick because it was a "table football" bar--and by "table football", I mean foosball. Yes, that's right. Tables and tables of foosball. And, I very soundly beat Dan. At foosball.

Went to see Serenity (and a few weeks ago, Pride and Prejudice). The former was wicked-awesome, except that it was inexplicably subtitled, ruining some of the witty lines. Rather weak on plot, but most Joss stuff is that way. And besides, the action was good, the writing was (otherwise) excellent, and there was lots of Jayne. Damn, that guy is so funny:

Jayne: "She is startin' to
damage my calm."

Moving onto a different Jane, P&P was alright. They ruined the piano scene (which is sure to piss Mary off) and Keira Knightley is as annoying as expected, but the rest is definitely watchable. And Bingley is super funny.

(Total aside: What's interesting about England is the movies that tend to be in the top 10. Serenity opened no 1, bumping P&P for a week. Unlike the US, Serenity didn't completely drop out of the charts after a week, but is holding in at 6th this week. Right now, the top movie is Wallace and Gromit. The point is, these are all movies I'd want to see. And, for once, it seems like everyone else agrees with me.)

Basically, I've just been hanging out. I'm not sure why, whether it's the flat or my job or what, but I feel much less like a tourist or a visitor and much more like a resident. A resident for a limited time, mind you, don't get me wrong, but I think I finally feel settled. Hence the not just doing touristy things, but doing what I always do... back home. Huh. Go figure.


Blogger Nat said...

That sure is a cunning hat. "My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you liked Serenity, you’ll love Firefly. I found the entire series online (aired versions).


Is my post, just click on the link.
I’m trying to get people to link to the Firefly series because it’ll drive up the box office an increase the movie’s market share.
- It’s important to reward good work.



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