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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Taking Sanctuary from End of Term in Piano Guts

Term's almost over, so I'm loaded up with schoolwork to finish up. Let me just say this: I hate group work. Bloody hell. From this group project, a website, I've learned not only that half my group is absolutely useless, but also that I'm starting to hate half my group--and yes, it's the same half.

Because the term's done, and we have a month off, a lot of people are heading home (or elsewhere), so many of my few friends have disapeared. Pair that with my empty bank account, and it's going to be a lonely, boring month.

It was an alright weekend, though. Friday, went and watched Iain perform. He's a pianist, and plays some pretty messed up stuff. What they were playing is to modern music, what really messed up modern art paintings, and dead sharks in tanks, and video of rotting food, and things like that, are to visual arts. If you know who John Cage is, you'll know the kind of stuff Iain plays. It's not so much with the pretty melodies, and more with the banging of keys. And, throwing keys--as in, the car and house variety--onto the strings inside the piano's guts. I don't claim to understand what the hell was going on, but it was cool to see anyways, and made me feel more connected to this campus. I'm probably missing out on a lot of amazing cutting edge art here, just because I don't know the right people.

Afterwards, to the Amersham for beer, and a seriously crappy cover band. First it was high-quality music I didn't understand; then, it was shit music, that at least I could sing along to.

The next night, I actually went out with some people from class: Kate (American), Riddhi (Indian) and Soren (Swedish). It's like the non-veto, rotating members of the UN Security Council got together for beer. Anyways.

Soren picked the bar, and took us to a really cool, swank bar in Soho called Sanctuary. It's not a gay bar, but it is on a street full of gay bars. When Kate, Soren and I walked up to the door, Soren asked the bouncer if there was a cover. Bouncer responds, "Not when you bring two women in." Soren, being gay, was like, "Uh, yeah, whatever."

They didn't seem to have any beer on tap, so instead I had several G&Ts. Sanctuary is a bar-lounge, with red walls, and mirrors everywhere and real candles in the corners, and men in designer jeans walking around with hors d'oeuvres on silver trays. Riddhi eventually showed up and later, when we were leaving, the bouncer remembered us, and called after Soren: "You arrive with two women, and leave with three! Now you're the man!"

So the gay guy now has a reputation, at a gay-ish bar on a gay street, of being a ladies-man. Good times.


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