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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


On Sunday, we went to Camden Market. Basically, it's a few different market areas that have grown and exploded so much that now the entire area appears to be one big market. Or that's how it seemed to me, at least.

Most of the little shops sold clothing, shoes and knicknacks, but of an insane variety. You want designer/retro/cheap clothes to match your goth/punk/house/skater/rocker/activist/spacetraveller lifestyle--you can find it here. Being an easily distracted person, I spent the two hours we were there just looking at stuff; there's so much stuff, and so many people, that it's hard to focus on shopping...

Sundays are the busy day; I'm never going back on a weekend again. It was fun--don't get me wrong--but there were so many people that it was impossible to shop. It's a very pretty area, tho, and I think it'd be nicer when it's a little emptier.


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