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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nicole London

So there I am, innocently googling myself (that sounds terrible, but hopefully you know what I mean.) I just think it's a good idea to know what comes up, because surely any place I apply to is going to do the same, right?

This blog is now listed (yay? I'm not sure that's good...) as does my writing at the magazine. My, but don't the good folks at google work quickly...

Anyways, surprised that this blog showed up ( when have I ever put my full name?) I tried googling "nicolelondon", what with that being the actual name of this here happy little blog. Amazingly, and you'll see why that's amazing in a sec, but amazingly, this little spot of online sunshine is the first listed on google (of course, the name must be typed just like that). Spots two thru 2650, however, are apparently dedicated to Nicole London, porn star.

According to the one and only that I visited:
Nicole London has been one of the hardest working women in the porno biz since the 1990's.

There was more, of course, about her areas of uh, expertise and um, specialization, but my little sister (Hi Michelle! How's the foot?) and my aunts and uncles (Peter and Diane, Hello!) and who knows who else (Future/Potential Employers, Hi! Please hire me!) may read this, so we'll keep it family friendly, m'kay? If you really want to know, google it yourself.

But the lesson, children--indeed, the moral, if you will--is this: before naming anything, google it. Because odds are, if it sounds good, a porn star out there thinks so too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Im sorry that you had to google me, yes most of us porn stars have indead taken all the good names. I have uses that name since 1990, has a ring to it. hope that it never effects your future job searches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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