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Thursday, August 10, 2006


The Home Office Terror Alert system swang into action today, upgrading the current threat level to CRITICAL, to let us know that 20 British people trying to blow up UK-to-US flights midair is a bad thing.

And holy crap, it is. I might stick to Air Canada direct flights from now on...

But good for Mi5 for actually stopping something that sounds -- at first news -- to have been a real "plot", as opposed to five guys in a warehouse in Florida, or two guys with beards in Forest Gate.

Heathrow is obviously a mess. Hand luggage is no longer being allowed on flights; the Home Office has the list of things currently being allowed onto planes, and it makes for an interesting read... That book you bought in the airport mall? Yeah, not allowed. Contact lense solution? Nope. Bottle of milk for your baby? Only if you're willing to taste it first. Anything electronic? Not a chance.

Hopefully the inflight movies are working, otherwise the only thing to do all flight is sit there and pray nothing explodes... which is what I'll be doing next time I fly home.


Blogger Will said...

I had an idea for a political cartoon.

Hesitant aide phones up Tony Blair saying hesitantly, "Um, hello sir. Er, everything seems to be broken"


Anonymous Peter said...

If this plot would have succeeded, it would have been far worse in terms of loss of life than the Air India bombing or possibly even the 911 attacks.

I may be old fashioned but I fail to see the political, military or moral advantage gained from the indiscriminate murder of a diverse population of people.

Any such population must surely include members of the very ethnic, political or religious group that you purport to be acting on behalf of.

You don't promote negotiation on underlying global issues when you resort to such tactics.

You only entrench the hardline status quo.

I'll relinquish the bully pulpit now.


Blogger Nicole said...

I'm going thru our photo agency thing right now, trying to pick a picture for a feature on airline security.

Some of the "bottled liquids" disposed of by passengers across the world are a bit funny. Oh, there's the normal ones: juice, water, toothpaste, moisturizer. Then there's the more creative ones: tabasco sauce, maple syrup and "easy cheese". I mean, I get that airline food is bad, but nothing called Easy Cheese is going to help...


Anonymous Peter said...

Easy Cheese?

Liquid cheese!!?

The horror with implications of milk, bacteria and loose morals.



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