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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yet more wedding pics

Just wanted to drop a quick post to give y'all the link to Anna's pictures from DarNat's wedding. Yes, we're still trading pictures.

Go here for the full 75; my two favourites (out of some seriously good photos) are these:

I like this one because I think it captures a very good moment between Nat and her parents. When we all piled out of the minivan (how romantic!) that Nat's dad Song drove us to the wedding in (and, aside: minivan might sound um, unclassy, but Nat's dad makes up for it. That guy is so posh.) and Natalie promptly started crying. Her parents were standing around her comforting her, and I noticed Gary taking some shots of this rather emotional moment (I had tears in my eyes, not for the first or last time that day). I haven't seen those photos yet, so no idea how they turned out, but this picture does a pretty good job capturing it.

And this one... I think this perfectly sums up Tony and I: he's making a weird face (as happens in many photos), I'm looking like I'm about to say "What the fuck?" (which happens in many conversations), and we both look hot (as we often do.)


Not much new otherwise, though that's probably a complete lie. Start work on Monday. Finish 40 years from now. Am looking for a house, may have found one/two in Stockwell, in South London, recently famed for being the tube station in which Met Police shot an innocent man in the head seven times. And, am working on my final paper. At the British Library... so post to follow about that hella cool place... How cool? It's book-freak mecca, man: every book ever printed, or something stupid like that.


Blogger Nat said...

It is very odd that you call my dad posh. Of all the adjectives in the world to describe my dad, that would not be one of them. Then again, it is rare to put "engineer" and "posh" in the same sentence. ha ha.


Blogger Nicole said...

Your dad is very posh. He seems really British, actually. You can hardly tell he's an engineer.



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