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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seu Jorge

On Monday, Halloween proper, I avoided the neighbourhood kids and went out to a concert. (This was a good thing to do, as I had no candy, and said kids informed me from outside my door: "We know you're in there." Best to run.)

So Kate and I went to see Seu Jorge, a Brazilian musician/actor, at the Barbican Center, which is like a 1970s utopian creation. It's an arts center, but also has flats and who knows what else. Clearly someone thought: "This is how people should live." Not entirely wrong, this someone, but the architecture is--how should I say this--of its time.

Anyways. Seu Jorge. If you've seen the movie The Life Aquatic (alright, I thought, with some hella funny lines), he's the guy singing David Bowie songs in Portugeuse. And, he was Knockout Ned in City of God.

It was a really good show. He has an incredible voice, and wicked-awesome dreds. Kate's in love with him, but she's actually met him (she interviewed him for a story) so it's not in stalker-celeb sort of way...


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