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Monday, November 15, 2004

Venue and Madonna

There's this bar across the street from our flat called Venue--I should really get a photo of it--that looks kinda scuzzy. Probably because the building, a nice period brownstone, has been painted pitch black. Also possibly because on weekends, the entrance is surrounded by a dozen bouncers.

Anyways, the whole time I've been here, Venue has been a running joke, as in, who would want to go there? I kept saying we should, because what if it really is good, and we're missing out. Anyway, Venue has music impersonators performing every weekend; it's a running lineup of faux Oasises, U2s and Maddonas. The latter was playing this past Saturday, and my flatmate Anne being the Madonna fan she is, we went.

And, I'm sure you can see where this is going, Venue is a damn fine bar. Five floors--yes, five--with different music and architectural/design styles on each, it's probably impossible to have a bad time there. The bottom floor has two rooms; the first is a cavernous place playing house/dance music, while the second is a quieter chill out room with old--and old in england is really old--couches and dining sets as furniture. There's even an old piano in one corner. (For photos, go here: main floor is a kinda plain looking place that plays cheezy dance hits; the next two floors are the stage area (floor four opens out over the dance floor, so you can watch people from above) and when there isn't a faux-band playing, it's 80s all the way. The top floor is all smooth, modern wood design, and plays alternative/britpop.

And, even better, the fake Madonna was actually a really good singer; she barely looked the part (the wig helped...) but she had the voice.

And, the best part is this: the Venue is actually stumbling distance. Good times.


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